MageCloudKit is the High Performance Stack for running Magento on AWS. It is comprised of a set of infrastructure modules, real-world examples and best practises for running your store in the cloud. The infrastructure modules are written in Terraform and Bash. Your store automatically scales in response to customer demand and by using our recommended vendors, is resilient from all the common internet threats including DDoS attacks.

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Why MageCloudKit?

Magento was not originally designed with the cloud in mind. In fact, it takes a considerable amount of effort to deploy Magento on AWS and scale it. Then you have the problem of deployments and integrating popular fulfillment, payment, fraud, ERP and business intelligence solutions.

It is true that one can adopt a Magento managed cloud hosting provider, however more often than not they will not be able to meet your specific requirements. With increasing compliance regulations, cost and scalability it makes sense to self-host, securely within one’s own AWS environment.

Next many companies may evaluate one-click installers such as those provided by Bitnami. Whilst these are great to get started in a short amount of time, they soon become even more of a problem as companies realize they are unable to scale horizontally.

Using MageCloudKit, businesses can run the world's leading Ecommerce software using the global leader in cloud computing. MageCloudKit is a ready-made solution that allows technical personnel to deploy scalable, high performance Magento stores on the AWS cloud in a matter of minutes. It is proven in production and is continuously maintained by DevOps experts.