Upgrading MageCloudKit

This guide is designed for customers looking to upgrade to a newer version of MageCloudKit.

We frequently release new versions to address issues and add new features. At Brightfame we recommend you adopt the culture of upgrading as often as possible so you are familiar with the process.

If you are referencing our Terraform modules via Git then it's usually a case of searching for references to the old version and updating them. Then you can run the Terraform init, plan and apply commands to rollout the latest changes.

For customers using our legacy ZIP archives, then we recommend using rsync and diff to compare and merge the latest changes.

Note: Always read the release notes before upgrading. Major versions will likely introduce changes that break backwards compatibility.

Reducing the Blast Radius

If you want to reduce the blast radius of rolling out changes then we suggest you upgrade one module at a time.

For example to upgrade the logs module, you would simply change v0.2.2 to the desired version:

module "ecs-cluster-logs" {
source = "git::[email protected]:brightfame/magecloudkit.git//modules/monitoring/aws/logs?ref=v0.2.2"
name = "production-app"
retention_in_days = 30

After changing the module version you will need to run terraform init again:

$ terraform init

Next run the Terraform plan command to verify the changes:

$ terraform plan

And finally the apply command to accept them:

$ terraform apply